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Letter: Eden Monaro voters tell MP they want renewables

Since its election last year, the federal government has set out to abolish everything that has a whiff of climate change about it, beginning with what has become the crowd-funded Climate Council. It is now taking aim at the Renewable Energy Target, despite previously expressing support for it, but that support was shown to be a sham the moment it appointed fossil fuel industry supporter and climate denialist Dick Warburton to head the RET review.

The community is not taking this attack on renewables lying down, and the Australian Solar Council is holding public meetings in every marginal seat in the country following the government’s review of the RET. On Wednesday night they were in Queanbeyan, Eden-Monaro.

You would think that a meeting about the RET and implications of the government’s review into it would be attended by an electorate’s local member, but no, Peter Hendy’s chair, next to Simon Corbell, Mark Butler and Christine Milne was vacant and, rather than apologising, his response was, “I don’t usually go to Greens party meetings.”

Well Peter, let me tell you this was a community meeting organised by a peak body and attended by several hundred voters. We heard not only from the politicians who bothered to attend but also those in the industry whose futures are at stake because of your government’s irresponsible actions. It simply does not make economic, let alone environmental sense for any government in the world to be winding back renewables and climate change action, but your government is doing it anyway. It was evident from the mood in the packed auditorium that there has been a shift in how people are viewing the actions of your government and how willing they are to mobilise.

We need to change the way we do politics, and part of that is adopting a set of firm principles on which to base important decisions about the future viability of a country and its communities. The Australian people deserve better than a government that is willing to gamble with their future social, economic and environmental health through its support for an outdated and polluting fossil fuel industry and its obvious hatred of anything even remotely connected with The Greens.

Catherine Moore

Charleys Forest, Palerang

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