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Letter: Monaro’s Barilaro grapples with Murray-Darling


letter-icon-nov2018STRUTTING HIS STUFF lest he suffer relevance deprivation, Deputy Premier, Barilaro, despite not attending the Murray-Darling Basin Plan Ministerial Council, decided the plan was “untenable”. Years into the “plan”, in his second term, a Damascene moment of enlightenment suddenly revealed to him (and presumably his government) that NSW is in the grip of the worst drought “on record”.

Years replete with reports of rorts and corporate grand larceny abounding in relation to corporatization of the social good, i.e. “water”, dry river beds, collapsing river banks, dying river-red gums, fish die-offs and bankrupt irrigators, politicians may, at last, be shamed into accounting for billions siphoned from the system by big donors, at huge cost to the environment.

While Mr Barilaro is mixing it on the big canvas, with far-afield ministers, his feral brumbies — of heritage and cultural significance! — continue to grow in number, as does the damage they are wreaking in the delicate alpine environment on which Canberra depends for much of its water supply.

While his environment minister displays some degree of urgency in establishing a “community panel to advise on horse management”, Barilaro, by accident or intent, has succeeded in delaying any potential action to remove them.   All the playgrounds up-graded, road straightening, playing field lights and stands financed, schools painted, police stations refurbished, etc, will count for little when Mr Barilaro has to face a local electorate deprived of access to water, through his inaction!

— Albert M White, Queanbeyan

IMAGES: Drought conditions rural NSW. (Peter Mackey / Pexels).  John Barilaro, MP. (Bulletin archives).

NEWSFLASH:  NSW Opposition Labor Minister Clayton Barr (7 Aug) reports on Barilaro backflip on Murray Darling in wake of revealing report:

DEPUTY NATIONAL PARTY Premier, John Barilaro has betrayed regional NSW today after spectacularly back-flipping on his own calls for a Federal Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

In a fiery debate on water in the NSW Parliament, Mr Barilaro sided with Premier Berejiklian and her Liberal Party and voted against a Federal Royal Commission.

The debate in the Parliament comes just days after an explosive report released by the independent Natural Resources Commission into the 2012 Water Sharing Plan.

The report found that mismanagement by successive National Party Politicians pushed the river system below Bourke into drought three years earlier than the upstream sections of the river, because they let a disproportionate amount of water get drawn out upstream.

Shadow Minister for Water, Clayton Barr said that Mr Barilaro would say anything for a vote.

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