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Medicinal cannabis is legal in Australia

but people like Grace are still turning to the black market.

By Sophie Kesteven and Michele Weekes for Life Matters, ABC

AFTER GRACE* was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, she turned to medicinal cannabis.

But accessing it through legal medical channels was a challenge: she faced long waiting times and substantial paperwork.

“I was offered through an illegal source where I could get it very quickly, and because my tumours were aggressive and time is of the essence, I decided to opt for the non-medical option,” she tells ABC RN’s Life Matters.

Grace started to get cannabidiol (CBD) oil sent to her in the post, in an olive oil bottle.

But concerns about the illegalities of the drug started to weigh on her conscience, and she worried about the chemical composition of the CBD oil she was taking.

“If you’re obtaining it through a medical source and it’s been approved, there’s stringent procedures and processes in order to create that oil. Whereas if I’m getting it off an illegal source, it’s hard to actually know exactly what I’m taking,” she says.


*Name changed to protect the person’s identity.
IMAGE: Unsplash, Kimzy Nanney

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