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Mother’s Day greetings from a sanctuary


At The District Bulletin we salute all Mums and value compassion for all our animal nations, wildlife and non-wildlife. So, we thought we would share with you the following seasonal newsletter from Little Oak Sanctuary south of Bungendore. Little Oak rehomes ‘farm’ animals that are on their way to execution or are somehow left in need of a home. Kate at Little Oak was once willing to take in our old horse for his final few months after we lost his agistment spot, and we are eternally grateful for the offer. Maria Taylor

AS THE DAYS SHORTEN and the temperatures drop, we’re all snuggling up at the sanctuary. The pigs are building large, warm nests of straw, the sheep have had their autumn haircuts and are ready to face winter with tidy trousers, the horses are enjoying their cosy rugs overnight.

ABOVE: Foster siblings Chloe the dog and Priscilla the piglet. Photo: © Maria Taylor.

It’s also the time of year we focus on and celebrate the most amazing beings of all — MUMS! As we head towards May, and Mother’s Day, we celebrate all Mums, all that they do for us and the special bonds that we have with them — no matter who we are.

… Cha Cha narrowly escaped being sold for slaughter at a NSW pound, instead, she came to Little Oak already pregnant with her twin kids, and delivered them in safety a few months later. We’ve also taken in animals who’ve arrived with their youngsters, and we’ve seen all of these animals maintain those family bonds and seek out comfort with their Mum’s for many years afterwards.

Indeed it is not a purely human trait to form lasting, meaningful relationships, and our animal friends show us this, if only we give them the opportunity to.

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