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Perinatal mental illness: what it is, and the costs


WHEN BABY MAX arrived four years ago, complete with a full head of “Elvis hair”, his parents were overjoyed. But joy quickly turned into a wave of negative emotions for his mother, Julie.

“I was all alone in my hospital bed, I woke up in a puddle of sweat,” she said.

“I was never afraid that I was going to hurt my baby — I was just so obsessed with not being good enough, that I wasn’t the mother that my beautiful baby boy deserved,” she said.

“I really, truly believed that I was failing him, that nothing I did was good enough, that I didn’t spend enough time with him or that I wasn’t feeding him properly. That I was useless.”

From anxiety to anger, symptoms vary

One in five mothers and one in 10 partners are affected by perinatal mental illness.

Sufferers experience depression and anxiety, which can begin anytime from conception to 12-months postpartum.

Perinatal mental illness is costing healthcare system millions as sufferers wait weeks for treatment
By Tahlia Roy, ABC News

IMAGE: Katie Emslie, Unsplash.

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