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Nationals and brumbies

dear-editor-icon-nov2018I REFER TO the recent article on land, water and forest mismanagement in NSW. Another important example of the damage being done to the natural environment in NSW by the National Party and their in principle opposition to National Parks is the Wild Horse Heritage Bill presented to the House by John Barilaro.

This piece of legislation prevents proper management of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park by defining them as a “heritage” species. As well there being no historical support for such a notion, the legislation is contrary to the substantial existing scientific evidence about feral horse management.

Feral horses, along with pigs, deer, rabbits, foxes, cats and dogs, are right now destroying this valuable alpine park with National Party support. The Premier says the legislation will remain in place, and that her government has consulted with “the experts”. Based on the legislation, the only experts consulted were the experts on the National Party’s polling.

Kind regards,

— Dr Richard Barcham
Candelo, NSW

IMAGERY: Stock photos/desk, hands. Brumbies frolicking, Carol Hancock, Dreamstime

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