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Nature, wildlife inspire current Wood Works Gallery exhibition

by Stan d’Argeavel

Painter/Printmaker Pamela Griffith and Sculptor/Carver Silvio Apponyi cover common ground with their inspiring works that invite you to share their love and concern for nature, flora, and fauna and the delicate position wild life holds in a world obsessed with profit, the world which often involves the exploitation of precious environments.

While the artists work in very different mediums, they share a concern for nature and the limited resource we call Earth. They are also extremely gifted and know their craft well due to their many years of professional work.

Silvio Apponyi has a penchant for the three-dimensional representation of fauna and his talent and skill shows boldly through his expressive sculptures. From the smallest fossil to a majestic large animal Apponyi is a master of scale and proportion. He has the ability to bring out the best qualities of the material he selects to carve or cast in bronze.

Pamela Griffith works in watercolour, acrylic, gouache and oil. Her pen and ink drawings are detailed and stand on their own. They are what you would expect from such an accomplished printmaker.

She visits places like the Galapagos, Lord Howe Island, The Macquarie Marshes, Kakadu, and the Australian Outback where she sketches and paints what she sees as the diversity of nature.

The exhibition was opened by Rob Purves, President WWF Australia and continues at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery until December 10. Pictured from left: Pamela Griffith, Rob Purves and Silvio Apponyi.

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