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Never mind Brumbies: what about the Bogong Moth disappearance?


A NEW ONLINE tool has been launched to help monitor Bogong Moth numbers in what is shaping up to be a crucial season for both their migration and a food source for the critically endangered mountain pygmy possum.

Each spring about 4.4 billion bogong moths head to the country’s alpine regions in south-east New South Wales and north-east Victoria — the biggest injection of nutrients into the area second to sunshine.

But in 2017 and 2018 the billions of bogong moths that have been migrating for over 7,000 years from their winter breeding grounds throughout Queensland, NSW, and western Victoria almost completely disappeared.

The moths are a staple food source for the mountain pygmy possum that in monitored areas have been showing signs of stress with low body weight and high infant mortality rates since the moth numbers plummeted.

Bogong Moth tracker rolls out as failed migrations put pressure on pygmy possum
By Erin Somerville, ABC

IMAGE: Ajay Narendra.

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