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No end to drier, warmer conditions

capital region drought august 2018

Australia continues to set
unwelcome records on the weather front,
as do other parts of the world
such as fire-beset California.

Like Queensland, most of NSW is enduring drought, prompting a new round of government assistance announced in July. This includes casting blame on native wildlife and easing shooting regulations as if that will solve the weather problem. Media focus is on how farming families and communities are coping, but seldom connecting the dots with the accelerating risk from global warming and climate change. Winter rains have gone missing; evening temperatures have dipped below average under clear skies; while maximum temperatures are up.

And there is little joy in the latest forecast of above-average temperatures and low rainfall through to October. The prospect of an El Nino event has also increased.

VIDEO: Australian Bureau of Meteorology. 

TOP PHOTO: Stock wait for feed as drought affects the capital region and much of NSW. Maria Taylor.


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