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NSW Nationals plan: scrap a National Park

River red gum Murray River

IN A SHAMEFUL first, the NSW Government is moving to scrap a national park.

The Nationals MP for Murray, Austin Evans, has given notice of a new bill in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr Evans wants to ‘de-gazette’ the Murray Valley National Park and open up the globally significant river red gum forests of the Riverina for logging.

The Murray Valley National Park is a 41,000 hectare national park and “part of the largest continuous river red gum forest in the southern hemisphere and an important and unique ecosystem”. It contains over 60 threatened animal species and 40 plant species and contains a Ramsar listed wetland.

National parks are a magnificent environmental asset visited by millions of nature lovers every year.

Never before has a NSW national park been stripped of its protected status.

This is a deeply disturbing development and people across NSW will be shocked to hear that national parks are now at risk.

Under pressure from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmer’s Party at the recent Murray by-election Mr Evans has stated that he would be working hard to “get rid of these national parks.”

If the Berejiklian Government succeeds in scrapping the Murray Valley National Park then no national park is safe.

With the weakest environment minister in NSW history, it is clear that National Parks are under sustained attack. This action comes on top of the law passed this week that will allow the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park to be flooded by raising the Warragamba Dam wall.

This is a new environmental low for the Berejiklian Government.

Penny Sharpe, Shadow Minister for the Environment

IMAGE: River Red Gum on the Murray River. (Darryl Leach, Dreamstime)

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48 thoughts on “NSW Nationals plan: scrap a National Park

  1. For goodness sake; get rid of these destructive, ignorant people from positions of power!!!!

    1. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to remain silent. The red gums must be protected. We also need to consider what the mandate of these Ministers is. Is it to manage environmental policy or to protect the environment? These are 2 very different things.

      1. Nationals is a misnomer. They think it means “Stick up for corporations and business “.
        Shameful behavior.
        Bruce Dawson

      2. All it really takes is to get the dills who vote for these turkeys to not vote for them…how hard is that?

  2. It’s about time somebody stood up to these greens and got rid of most of these so called national parks, which is a great waste of taxpayers money that can’t be looked after, and the spread of weeds and feral animals, like fox’s and feral cats.

    1. Put all the wasted energy into getting rid of feral cats and foxes that get cover in national parks – turn the parks into National Forest Land – its then better managed!

      1. Get rid of all the ferals including sheep and cattle they are unhealthy to eat and use up too many resources, give cats and dogs the flick as well, at least the rabbits are healthy meat not too much fat. Barnaby showed us what the nationals think of looking after country when he gave away the water to his mates, they don’t know a thing about managing land, no long term thinking.

      2. Recent history shows that State Forests are not well managed and are even more vulnerable. In Qld State Forests (Condamine, Barakula and possibly others have effectively been lost due to Coal Seam Gas extraction. The landscape has been fragmented with the associated invasive species and barring of visitors. Just in the last few days we have seen how poorly State Forest in Vic are managed. Effective management of state forests could benefit everyone but it does just not happen!

    2. Hey I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we cut down all the trees and sell all our resources. That way we can all be rich now and there will nothing for our grandchildren. What a top idea.

      You individuals that think national parks are a waste need to open your eyes and travel a little bit. Clueless shallow and uneducated.

  3. What a bunch of lies, has only been a national park since about 2010, and was managed as a productive forest for many decades before that resulted in the forest that was then so desirable as native habitat that the greenies wanted it locked up. Now it is a national park the forest must be ecologically thinned to keep it healthy, a procedure which now costs money to be done where as previously was income generating from the sale of timber harvested from the forest. The redgum forests have never been clear felled and the timber getters could only take what trees the state forest staff determined what they could take, leaving old growth trees, replacement trees for habitat and those that would grow to become more harvestable timber in the future. Turning this back into a productive state forest would be the best win win situation for the environment and the local community who actually use the forest and preserve it for the future.

      1. So when in the past were red gum forests thinned? Aborigines couldn’t have done it. They didn’t have stone axes that large to fell a tree. Your knowledge of science and history is questionable…

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the balance of information you added to this conversation. I can see how proper management can be a benefit. Still, can we really afford to lose any more trees?

    2. Well I would agree given proper and sustainable management, except I just can’t see how any government that takes major donations from lobby groups can be trusted to manage anything with best interests in mind. I think it’s the thin edge of the wedges.

  4. NOOO, a million times NO!

    The ancient Murray River red gums should be a national treasure, and inviolable. You can never recreate what is destroyed to its pristine origin. DO Not Destroy THEM!

  5. The mere thought of doing this has dire consequences not only for this National Park but also the effects of erosion, breeding grounds for wildlife and the breeding of our native water species and fish. This is outrageous and if there is a petition that can be shared please put it up or get one started.

    1. There is little enough natural vegetation left in Australia, fair enough more could be done with management by various state and federal governments but we can’t willy nilly let wholesale logging into the area … it is vital for the river health and the national long term conservation strategies surely … looks like short term political gain to me for a few.

  6. You have got to be (word edited) joking! What ignorant moron thinks this is a good idea?

  7. Give Nature a break. Haven’t humans got enough they can rape and pillage. Only 7% of the State is protected in National Parks and they want those too. Ignorant and greedy.

  8. One sure way to ruin a river is to log the riverine forests. Some wise person created that Park, and now fools will try to destroy it, their kids and grand kids will be the ones suffering along with the rest of us – can’t figure some people out!

  9. Murray Valley National Park protects a unique environment it is an asset of immeasurable value and must remain a part of our national heritage. It is not a sacrificial lamb on the alter of political expediency.

  10. Once this door opens, it can’t be shut and leaves corporate giants the power to buy off our political parties and wreck even more of this great country. As if fracking wrecking the water tables and rivers isn’t enough.
    Where’s a petition to sign?

  11. Scrap the politicians, we need people in who are going to stop killing our land, people and animals and not these money-driven (word edited).

  12. NO!!! JUST NOOOO !! Who the hell put these idiots in a position of power?? How about we remove them now before the damage is done?

  13. Start with one national park and then scrap another one, till there are none left, what for, so someone can make money, forget the wildlife that depends on these areas of beauty and diversity for their health and well being.

  14. The most dangerous animals on this planet are humans. We want everything, destroy everything, pollute vastly, overpopulate without restraint. Clearly this is not going to end well.

  15. I thought this only happens in third world countries like Brazil with the recently elected dictator that is promoting the logging of the Amazon rainforest. Wake up Australia as we have our own dictators wanting to log sacred forests and destroy natural habitat that needs to be preserved for our children and their children.

  16. There is a lot of ignorance shown in these posts.
    Firstly, the River Redgum Forests are not ‘ancient’. Plenty of documented evidence there. Ask the traditional owners (they call the RRGs ‘white mans weeds).
    Secondly, this National Park was not created for environmental reasons, but for political reasons. Plenty of evidence (from 2009—10) to confirm that as well.
    Thirdly, RRGs ( and Cypress too) need large-scale ‘thinning’. The NRC laid this out in its study prior to the declaration. No thinning = a biodiversity disaster. Fact, not rhetoric.
    And lastly, the social and economic outcomes for the people of those RRG towns, have ALL been disastrous.
    — Robert Brown.
    PS I have a Bill before the LC to amend the Regulations to allow this ‘environmental thinning’ to be carried out by commercial foresters, thus avoiding the huge ongoing impost on taxpayers.

  17. You don’t go backwards on these things. I can’t believe they are even considering this. They have obviously given up any hope of another term? What a bunch of knuckle dragging troglodytes!

  18. Never give up do they, Japan is preserving National parks because they are beneficial to people’s health, I want to walk thru parks, I feel much better when I do.

    1. National park. Its not only a very significant riverine environment but served as a rich habitat sustaining thousands of years of indigenous culture and lifestyle.

  19. Hi, I am a Victorian, (born in Mildura), Robinvale raised. If you Mr National, do this, I guess You will be a marked man. Do what you do, but don’t cry when the sh*t hits the fan, take note.

  20. Can’t wait for the Nationals and Liberal Party to be removed from governing at State and Federal Govt levels. They have left a stench of decay on Australian landscapes from their failed Murray Darling River water licensing scheme, to the wholesale support of the catastrophic Shenua and Adani mines, their ‘carte unblanche’ NSW land clearing laws, the shameful Great Barrier Reef $484 million gift to a corporate board of miners and big businesses, allowing brumbies in the delicate Snowy Mts National Park and Freycinet National Park in Tasmania to be commercially built upon with golf courses and hotels, their deliberate stalling on climate change initiatives and now this attempt to de-register this National Park. The Nationals and Liberals are a most dangerous and destructive Australian party to the environment and along with their shocking record of humanitarian aid and welfare they are simply not fit to hold office in this country.

  21. Information shared by the office of Penny Sharpe, Shadow Minister for the Environment

    For more information on the forests being old and endemic, see chapter two of the attached 2009 report from the Natural Resources Commission. Also, the OEH website has some more basic information at:

    This includes that the tree themselves have a lifespan of 500 – 1,000 years.

    The claim that the forests are not old stems from poor renderings of selective accounts of Europeans from the 1800s, which are of course not based on science, such as: This is not based on firm evidence, it is essentially hearsay, and not even directly about the fundamental matter at hand.

    Further information about the species being endemic is at:

    A limited ecological thinning trial is currently underway, with monitoring taking place. It is not due to be completed until 2021 I believe, so the results are yet to be evaluated or tested. We do not know the answer about thinning yet, that’s why the trial is happening.

    Details on the trial:

  22. It is not the visiting by humans that matters, it is the living by other creatures that matters.

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