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NSW opens doors to tree clearing in August

30,000 citizen voices ignored. National Party winning the argument

Farmers left without details

Environmental groups urge last minute lobbying, links supplied here.

Stand Up for Nature – environment group coalition in NSW writes:

If the Queensland experience is anything to go by, we’re set to lose woodlands and forests across NSW when this state’s new land-clearing laws come into force on August 25.

Premier Berejiklian can prevent this carnage. Visit the Nature Conservation Council website and send her an urgent direct message now.

Premier Berejiklian is fully aware her new land-clearing laws will deal a deadly blow to many of our endangered species [and threaten common species]. Scientists and ecologists have explained time and again the tragic consequences of clearing land in an already over-cleared landscape.

[Some 80-90% of the original vegetation on NSW arable lands already cleared.]

More than 30,000 of you have called, emailed, rallied, marched, signed petitions and written detailed submissions against the drastic weakening of our nature protection laws.

And yet the government is STILL pressing ahead, bowing to National Party pressure and ignoring 7000 submissions to allow these weak laws to come into effect before the details that underpin them are in place, and before they are understood by the people who’ll be using them.

To turn them on prematurely will be a bureaucratic nightmare for farmers trying to do the right thing, and a disaster for our wildlife.

Please join us to urgently demand Premier Berejiklian halt the new land-clearing laws until the details are completed and genuine environmental safeguards are in place.

Send a direct message to Premier today urging her to postpone these disastrous laws.

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