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Palerang gets its Local Environmental Plan

Palerang’s long awaited Local Environmental Plan  (LEP) was finally published on the NSW Government Legislation website (  on Friday, 19 September, with only minor changes to council’s draft submitted earlier this year.

Most concerning to many was whether NSW would bow to pressure and change the zoning name for rural residential areas in response to a campaign by some Liberal Party stalwarts in Palerang and supported by the Member for Monaro, John Barilaro. Despite lobbying in Macquarie Street, the gazetted LEP shows they did not prevail. A significant disinformation campaign accompanied this effort that threatened to divide communities.

The protest campaign raised fears about the word ‘environment’ in the zoning label (a standard name devised by NSW planning) and the supposed regulatory consequences of being so designated. Another aspect was the greater latitude for development that would have come with the protesters’ preferred zoning. Council held firm with the professional advice of staff and NSW Planning and made similar zoning decisions to Queanbeyan.

Read more in the October Bulletin .

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