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Police looking into animal cruelty case of shot ‘roo

Bywong, Wamboin facebook page erupts with sympathy at cruel shooting of a “beautiful, gentle soul” (possibly once rescued and released) Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

On the Anzac long weekend, Sherri from Wamboin posted on the Bywong Wamboin facebook hub:

‘We’ have a problem. Yesterday, Wildcare rescued a male kangaroo, found on the side of Macs Reef Road, between the Denley and Birriwa turn offs. You can see what the problem is from the photograph. It has a crossbow bolt or broken-off arrowhead sticking out of its lower back. And looking at the level of infection it has been there for some time.
It beggars belief that we have someone in our community with a lethal weapon who thinks it is OK to take pot shots at our wildlife in this way.

“Those property owners in and around this area of Macs Reef Road area may wish to ask some questions. If you have any information about this incident then please contact the police 6298 0555 [ask for Bungendore station enquiry into this incident] and also inform the National Parks and Wildlife Service on 6299 7166.”

After a desperate day and night effort to first find an available vet on a long weekend and then have him operated on (done by West Queanbeyan veterinary surgery), the kangaroo unfortunately died the following morning. Wildcare volunteers Sherri and Peter were told by the vet the animal was very emaciated and there was only a slim chance of recovery after a barbed arrow was removed from where it embedded in his spine. (See picture)



The outrage and support on the community facebook page was lengthy and unanimous. For example:

Alice –OMG that is just plain crazy, what kind of person could possibly think that is in some way ok?

Kyleigh – Sadly this has happened quite a few times that I am aware of.
I don’t care what you think about ‘roos, I don’t care how much of ‘your grass’ they eat and I don’t care whether you are inconvenienced if they damage your car or fences. These are living creatures who feel pain. This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable. NO animal deserves to be treated like this. Makes my blood boil.

Becca –This is terrible. I’m so sad that this poor roo suffered in pain for so long and then lost his life all because some bastard wanted something to do. I hope they find the person, shoot them with an arrow, leave it in them, let it get infected, then wait a month and kill them! This is just so disgusting. RIP you beautiful boy. ANIMALS FEEL PAIN THE SAME AS HUMANS TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT!!!!

Penny – thank you so much for caring for the poor roo. If only one thing positive comes from this, it is that so many other people feel the same revulsion as you do. Also, that more people are aware that they can do something if they come across someone with these weapons (eg while jogging or on their property). It’s no longer just “mucking around” or re-enacting a scene from Game of Thrones. It is a serious offence.

Pauline –Surely it illegal to use a high powered weapon such as this in our community and used against our wildlife [It is illegal]. One day a child, a mother, or a grandfather will be shot like this. Hopefully someone in our close knit community will reveal who this person is!
[She also posted]  A kangaroo was caught via a Snare trap (near Bywong Town) last year. A horrendously slow death if Wildcare hadn’t intervened. Wildcare wrote a strong letter to the bloke concerned. RSPCA didn’t want to know. The police were called in to verify the crime. It has never happened again.

Jason – (who also loves his neighbourhood Wedgetail Eagles and says people in his neighbourhood also abuse wombats with bows and arrows then tells this story) Five years ago when I accidentally hit a roo, mother killed joey rescued. She was rehabilitated and I picked her up and returned her to her mob 8 km from my place. But she still returns to my place every year, to the house yard with the kelpies. When she comes they lick her and she somehow licks them back. I have no idea how she knows where we reside, but she comes back year after year. It’s strange how our world revolves!

Editor’s comment: Does the state-sanctioned wholesale killing of wildlife, as if they are widgets, give people like this perpetrator ideas?

Police looking into animal cruelty case of shot ‘roo

“I’d  love to lock up the person who did that,” said Sergeant Tim Saunders of Bungendore Police. ”It’s terrible.”

He’s hoping someone from the Bywong/Wamboin community will offer information that points to the perpetrator, as the most likely way to track them down. Anyone with information is invited to contact Saunders at the Bungendore station 6238 1244 or via Queanbeyan 6298 0555.

Since Wildcare and Possumwood Sanctuaries have had to rescue a female kangaroo and a wombat in the past month shot with guns and left for dead, Saunders was asked whether this type of activity is on the increase.

He affirmed there have been more reports in recent months and said the police will always investigate reports from people in the neighbourhood of shooting, so people should report, not least on human or other animal safety concerns.

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