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Positive side-effects of the lockdown


The air is getting cleaner, and the water sparkles again … the animals return

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India coronavirus: can the COVID-19 lockdown spark a clean air movement?

When India shut down last month and suspended all transport to contain the spread of coronavirus, the skies over its polluted cities quickly turned an azure blue, and the air, unusually fresh.

By Soutik Biswas, India correspondent, BBC News. 21 April 2020


‘Nature is taking back Venice’: wildlife returns to tourist-free city

Look down into the waters of the Venice canals today and there is a surprising sight – not just a clear view of the sandy bed, but shoals of tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multicoloured plant-life.

By John Brunton, in Venice, The Guardian. 20 March 2020


Goats go on rampage through town eating hedges and stopping traffic

A herd of rampaging goats has flocked to a busy town for a second time in three weeks – invading a primary school, stopping cars, and grazing on people’s hedges.

By James Hockaday, Metro News. 5 April 2020


With humans self-isolating, animals in cities flourish

With the majority of people still under lockdown, the animals are probably wondering where we’ve all gone. Maybe it’s for this reason that they’re coming into cities and parks, roaming the streets, and carefully investigating our surroundings. Foxes, deer, wild boars, and other types of wildlife have been spotted on numerous occasions in various urban areas around the world.

Source: Boredpanda


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