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Progressive candidates sweep QPRC Council election, indeed.


DATELINE 21 DECEMBER 2021. The final tally of elected councillors for Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) confirms our earlier headline that voters chose a majority of candidates on the progressive side of politics.

The following 11 new councillors were elected, with the first six named likely to support progressive policy positions on social, environmental and fiscal management. Labor gained the highest tally, hence 3 councillors. The Greens, Liberals and Group Winchester scored early. This list also notes what team banner the councillors ran under and affiliations.

  • Labor — Bryce Wilson, Esma Livermore, John Preston
  • Independent with one Labor affiliation — Kenrick Winchester and Edwina Webster
  • Greens — Katrina Willis
  • Liberal — Louise Burton and Jacqui Ternouth
  • Independent with National Party affiliation — Mareeta Grundy
  • Independent — Michele Biscotti 
  • Independent — Steve Taskovski

The number of women elected to this combined council is historic. The Bulletin also congratulates Esma Livermore for standing and succeeding to bring a First Nations voice to the council table.

For more detail on the final results and group tallies go to:

12 January Mayoral election

At a briefing for candidates given by senior council officers during the campaign, an Extraordinary Meeting was scheduled for 12 January to elect the mayor, deputy, and possibly committee chairs.

The first ordinary meeting is slated for 19 January (the following Wednesday being a public holiday).


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