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Queanbeyan’s controversial new road goes to tender assessment

Despite vigorous neighbourhood protest over poor public consultation, loss of amenity and and habitat destruction along the proposed roadway through suburbs and bushland, the controversial, Ellerton-Drive Extension (EDE) project has been pushed another step towards construction.

In May Queanbeyan-Palerang Council received seven tenders and six alternative proposals for the construction project. No information is yet available concerning the content of the alternative proposals.

Step one: a council loan of $36 million to developers.

Tender assessment and final approval will be carried out by NSW Roads and Maritime Services and two council staff will be included on the tender assessment committee.

Awarding of the contract is expected to take place in August, and construction will probably commence after the contractor’s management plans have been released for use by RMS.

Initial funding for the road will involve a loan of $36 million of public money by Council to developers. Any additional funding, if required by the NSW RMS, will need to be approved via a council meeting.

Further information is available from the QPRC website.

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One thought on “Queanbeyan’s controversial new road goes to tender assessment

  1. It is so crooked the way this “road to nowhere” development is being pushed through when we have not had an election. Our council is a pro-development dictatorship, courtesy of Mike Baird. I hope you all remember this come the elections and refuse to vote for bodgy so called “independents” who sell off and destroy our amenities, leaving our combined local government zone heavily in debt.

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