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Queanbeyan survey of Old Cooma Road drivers: EDE not preferred route to Canberra

Results announced in early July from a Queanbeyan community-initiated residents’ survey shows a preference for Dunns Creek Road over the Ellerton Drive extension (EDE). Those surveyed live along Old Cooma Road including Googong township.

The survey found that almost 72 percent of people would be more likely to use Dunns Creek Rd than the EDE or Edwin Land Parkway if Dunns Creek Rd were built.

” Respondents travelled to Civic or Woden/Tuggeranong “

84 percent of respondents travelled to Canberra daily for work or education and designated either Civic/Parliamentary triangle or Woden/Tuggeranong as their destination. Travelling to Canberra via Yass Road and the airport would be a wide detour for them.

The survey was conducted over four months to the end of May for theb Queanbeyan Conservation Alliance (QCA) and Jerrabomberra Residents’ Association (JRA).

“The survey results support the view that Dunns Creek Rd would do a better job of keeping Googong traffic out of the Queanbeyan City network at the critical peak travel periods,” the groups said in a joint press release.

“Queanbeyan City Council (QCC) should now progress its own survey of Old Cooma Rd residents, as it agreed to in May. We expect QCC¹s survey to confirm the findings of our own survey, further supporting the view that the EDE is the wrong road for Queanbeyan.”

Detailed findings

–       There was a high level of awareness about the proposed EDE (96.7%) and Dunns Creek Rd (87.50%)

–       Most people travel to the ACT each weekday for work, study or taking children to school (84%)

–       People travelling to the ACT for the above purposes are mostly going to Civic/Parliamentary Triangle (46.43%) and Woden/Tuggeranong (also 46.43%). The proposed EDE would not serve these destinations.

–       Most people are using Edwin Land Parkway (87.5%)

–       Sixty per cent of people said they would not use the EDE to travel to work, study or take children to school

–       Almost two-thirds (64%) of people did not support the proposed strategy to fund the EDE

–       Most (90%) people are not using the Googong bus service.

“The QCA and JRA are actively working with about a dozen different community groups. Many of these groups have vastly different reasons for existing but it is clear that the EDE project has become a uniting issue for them and the members of these groups want to work constructively with the Council.

“Unfortunately, QCC has been slow in embracing the work of the community groups,” said Dave Lavers of LabyrinthCS who administered the survey.

The full survey report can be read at

The survey was conducted online between late January and May this year and advertised on websites, Facebook pages, via networks and by door-to-door canvassing as well as direct approaches to rural-residential communities.

Of 41 respondents, 33 lived along Old Cooma Rd, or nearby (e.g. Fernleigh Park). This is a statistically relevant sample based on the catchment population.

Contacts:  Michael Ziebell (JRA) 02 6255 9147 / 0415 858 202;

Graham Franklin-Brown (QCA) 0418 218 189

Survey conduct: Dave Lavers, Principal Labyrinth Consulting Services 0422 880 707

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