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Regenerative Agriculture Conference of interest for new directions: 24–25 March, Albury NSW


Inspiring climate-solutions leader headlines Regenerative Agriculture Conference

ALLAN SAVORY, founder of Holistic Management and the Savory Global Network, will be the keynote guest at the March 2020 Farming Matters — For Our Love of the Land conference to be held in Albury, NSW.

The conference that will run across two days, 24 and 25 March 2020. The conference includes field trips as well as interactive sessions from experienced practitioners and inspiring thinkers.

CAPTION: Very conventional set stocking (LHS) compared to holistic grazing planning in a difficult season on the Monaro of NSW. (Supplied)

Allan Savory said, “No group of farmers in the world has weathered droughts, fires, bad agricultural policies and financial hard times better than those beginning to manage holistically.  No surprise, because almost all that ails us is linked to one underlying cause — reductionist management. Join us in learning from people who are leading the way to a new and truly regenerative agriculture.”

In Australia, extreme drought and weather conditions
are asking tough questions of land holders
about how best to build resilient landscapes.

The Farming Matters – for our love of the land conference will host a range of practitioners and thinkers experienced in innovative and proven methods of building natural capital, soil health and biodiversity within prosperous rural businesses.

The conference follows on from Land to Market Australia, the local Savory Hub, recently winning a Grand Champion 2019 award from NSW Landcare and Local Land Services for “Innovation in Agricultural Land Management.”

This leadership includes championing efforts to bring ecological monitoring into farmers’ lives, allowing them to check on and develop the health of their soil and wealth of their biodiversity — including on land that is already in production.

Presentations and field trips will examine how to make better decisions during tough times; restore water catchments; increase forage, livestock and wildlife production; raise crop yields through concentrated animal impact; restore damaged or degraded land; implement the highest animal welfare standards; and create vibrant supportive community groups.

The conference offers a great opportunity to explore ideas and learn from inspiring farmers from Australia and the globe. Further information about the conference, registrations and sponsorship opportunities is available here.

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