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Region rep Barilaro ups attack on free speech


ABC MEDIA WATCH dissects, in the link below, the recent arrest of a producer for YouTube satirist Jordan Shanks, ‘Friendlyjordies’. The alleged crime is ‘stalking’  in regard to approaching member for Monaro John Barilaro multiple times with uncomfortable or cheeky questions. Barilaro has been at the receiving end of a barrage of unflattering satirical characterisations by Friendlyjordies — notable to us because it all started with Barilaro’s political tantrums as NSW National Party leader to ensure koala habitat regulations for private land were weakened, as we all witnessed earlier this year.

FEATURE IMAGE: Screen grab from video link below.

Barilaro is now sueing Shanks for defamation as well as having his producer arrested. Media Watch’s Paul Barry recently explained the free-speech issues involved.

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