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Repower Monaro

repower monaro

Community group to politicians: where are you?

MORE THAN 30 supporters of regional clean energy action group, Repower Monaro, gathered outside John Barilaro’s Queanbeyan office last week. It was part of a local push for the NSW government to break the state’s addiction to fossil fuels and commit to a cleaner energy future.

“NSW is lagging behind other Australian states in the transition to renewable energy, so Repower Monaro formed to ask their MP to represent what his constituents want: a clean energy powered NSW,” said spokesman Frank Briggs.

Potential investment bonanza for Monaro

“Rather than advocating dirty and dangerous fuels like coal, gas and nuclear, Mr Barilaro should be promoting the development of renewable energy, which offers jobs, and an investment bonanza for areas like the Monaro,” Dr Briggs said.

The Repower group is calling on the NSW government to:

  1. Commit to sourcing 100% of our energy from clean, renewable sources by 2030.
  2. Create incentives that encourage investment in energy storage and grid reliability.
  3. Rule out new coal mines and gas fields in NSW.
  4. Help workers and communities transition as coal-fired power stations and mines close.
  5. Protect community health by cleaning up air pollution from coal-fired power stations.

Dr Briggs highlighted the fact that Monaro is one of the NSW Government’s most marginal seats and is held by just a few thousand votes.

“We want Mr Barilaro to understand that his support for coal, gas and uranium could cost him electorally, and to re-think his absent renewables position,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition says

Bryce Wilson headshot casualThe Bulletin asked Bryce Wilson, Country Labor candidate for the Monaro region, to reveal Country Labor’s plans in regard to clean energy.

Wilson said Labor sees a lot of opportunity for the Monaro region to be a clean energy centre that helps lower greenhouse gas emissions while creating new jobs.

Nationally, Labor has committed to a 45% reduction of emissions with 50% of our power to come from renewables by 2030, and a net zero percent emissions target by 2050.

The party promises to keep Snowy Hydro in public hands, implement stored hydro projects, support battery storage, and provide 1.5GW–2GW of renewable energy from multiple sources each year over the next decade.

“Locally we will also be ramping up the installation of solar panels in our schools, and helping families and small businesses in NSW regions with access to affordable power from renewable sources,” he said.

On the national stage: What me worry?

Coincidentally in the same week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison lightly dismissed the latest dire warnings about upcoming climate change weather impacts (with Australia in one of the riskiest positions).

The warning came with the latest United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change update report from the Earth’s top climate scientists. They re-emphasized that countries need to change energy systems from fossil fuels, particularly coal, by 2050 to avoid tipping the planet into even more dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate change events.


Information regarding the Repower Monaro group can be found at their Facebook site

For the Repower Australia campaign go to

For Labor’s response to climate change, and a cleaner energy future check out

For National, and Liberal Party responses to climate change, consult the Australian Coal Association.


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