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Safe and healthy childcare access in Bungendore

Letter to the Editor

QPRC champions linked-up cycle/pedestrian pathways within townships to deliver safer, healthier and child-friendly environments. To a degree, Council is steadily delivering on this vision. In Bungendore, for example, broad cycle/pedestrian pathways connect the preschool, the primary school and the central community park which benefits greatly the kids and parents travelling to these facilities.

But why then is the child care centre on Forster Street ignored. Despite new residential developments proceeding in South Bungendore and the need to promote a child-friendly Forster street, there remains no off-street pathway for parents and children to safely access the facility during busy ‘drop off and pick up’ times.

Linking a cycle/pedestrian pathway from Ellendon Street to the childcare centre on Forster St. has been raised with Council before. While receiving in-principal support, Council seems unwilling or unable to progress to a consultation or feasibility stage. This is despite the job requiring under 130 meters of pathway to connect the child care centre to the existing, and excellent, cycle/pedestrian pathways on Ellendon Street and beyond.

If a pedestrian pathway is installed connecting Ellendon St. to Forster St., Council will have connected by cycle/pedestrian pathways the village’s principal childcare amenity, the preschool and primary school (and library), the village commercial zone and central children’s park. Now that would strategic.

Parents and friends of Kidszone children

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