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Self-drive Renewable Energy Trail

South Eastern Region Renewable Energy Trail

The South Eastern Region for Renewable Energy Excellence (SERREE) is developing a self-drive Renewable Energy Trail in the ACT and surrounding region for self-drive tourists.

Eastern loop energy trail

The trail is an education and tourism resource, show-casing the diversity of renewable energy infrastructure sites located within the south east NSW-ACT region.

Destinations include the world’s largest parabolic solar thermal dish, the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric system, the world’s largest bioreactor, the Royalla solar farm, NSW’s largest wind energy generator, the geothermal heat pump at Geoscience, and the country’s largest community-owned solar farm.

Development of Stage 1 of the RE Trail will require an upfront investment of $1.05m million. The estimated cost of Stage 2 is $1.65m.

Stage I of the RE Trail project was launched last year and focuses on developing interpretative material and place based experiences for the education market.

Stage 2 will involve the installation of signage and on-site interpretation and infrastructure.

The eastern loop of the trail will pass through part of the Palerang region.

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