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Shameful NSW government logging on famous Corn Trail

Corn Trail logging

THE FIRST OBJECTIVE of the NSW Forestry Corporation is to ‘Be a successful business’. Friends of the Mongarlowe River (FMR) argue that the economics of logging steep hillsides in a forestry compartment surrounded by Declared Wilderness just don’t stack up.

These magnificent native forests are worth far more to Australia as unlogged carbon sinks.

With no discernible commercial benefits there are serious adverse effects:

  • the iconic and much loved Corn Trail is located immediately adjacent to the now-devastated forest;
  • the Corn Trail is under current consideration for inclusion on the State Heritage Register;
  • based on previous research in NSW forests up to 200 vulnerable Greater Gliders are almost certain to die as a result of the logging;
  • the rare Spotted Quoll, recently seen in the area, will also be put at risk;
  • run-off from logging these steep slopes has the potential to contaminate water quality of the Buckenbowra and Clyde Rivers;
  • post-logging burns due later in the year pose a threat to the surrounding ancient cool climate rain forest, the source of these cloud-fed rivers.

200 Greater Gliders almost certain to die as a result of the logging

Friends of Mongarlowe River, a group initiated by Judith Wright more than 30 years ago, fought successfully to create Monga National Park which surrounds the logging area.

With Friends of the Forest and the Forest Embassy, we call for:

  • An immediate halt to logging operations; and
  • Reclassification of compartment no. 517 — which has already sustained heavy losses; and the adjacent no. 516, as Preserved Forest Area; and
  • A process to incorporate these forests into the bordering Buckenbowra Wilderness Area (Monga National Park).

Locals are hopping mad about the destruction of this precious State asset. The fact that native forest can be logged in this wilderness area is deplorable.

The opportunity exists for major political parties to claw back some of the growing environment vote by taking a principled stand on this critical issue.

— Friends of the Mongarlowe River

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