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Speak up! They’re counting on YOU

ACT kangaroo cull 2018

I’M SITTING HERE feeling warm and safe from the world trying to swallow dinner.

But I feel sick. I feel sick because Canberra is culling kangaroos tonight (3,200 over three months) and mothers will have their joeys ripped from their pouches, unable to protect them as their heads are smashed against the ground. Proud, tall males trying to protect their families will be shot first because they will stand tall to watch over their does and their babies.

Why is this allowed to happen? Because people “don’t want to get involved” or “can’t deal with it”. Well, you know what? YOU are all these animals have. It’s because our voices are not loud enough it is allowed to happen. The lack of voice is taken as complacency, so the killing starts.

I want to scream, cry and vomit and not necessarily in that order. 2018, and we allow this to happen. Shame on us. Shame!

For the love of God, show some compassion and some balls.

— Lenah Gunyah, Canberra

IMAGERY: Maria Taylor, Sue Van Homrigh

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