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Surprise! NSW embraces renewables big time


“How Australia’s State energy ministers are turning the tables on Angus Taylor” is the promising headline of a Guardian Australia story by Simon Holmes à Court.

It outlines the positive renewables revolution in NSW that has quietly gathered speed since 2018 and a new environment/energy minister. Here’s a few sentences and a link to the whole story.


Matt-Kean-NSW-Liberal-Party-via-NSW-Parliament“THE NEW SOUTH Wales energy minister, Matt Kean (seen here), has been making the right choices.

“In December 2018 I singled out NSW for its reckless lack of energy policy. The state, reliant on an ageing coal fleet for 80% of its power, had been shunned by energy investors.

“NSW’s last coal power station was built in 1993, and on a per capita basis had the least utility-scale renewable energy both operational and under construction in the National Electricity Market. The state had no plans to reduce its heavy reliance on imported power from Queensland, and had suffered more significant “load shedding” blackouts than South Australia and Victoria put together.

“NSW is blessed with high-quality wind and solar resources, but lacks transmission lines between the best wind and solar areas and the state’s major population and industrial centres…”


MAIN IMAGE: Wind turbine farming in regional NSW. (Tsvibrav, Dreamstime)

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