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Taxpayer: no reply from state rep, council questions

letter to editor

Including about sale of public property

WITH OUR LOCAL NSW Eden-Monaro politician, not seemingly wanting to reply to, or even acknowledge, emails sent from members of his electorate, the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) ratepayers seem to have lost the ability to complain to our local NSW member about issues with the QPRC.

My last email to Mr Barilaro, our local NSW Eden-Monaro politician, sent numerous months ago was not even acknowledged, despite two later independent visits to his Queanbeyan Electoral office, where each time I was promised my email would be acknowledged in the near future, and I am still awaiting any acknowledgement, months later.

I have complained to the NSW National Party and they also were going to inform me about my complaints, and I am still awaiting their reply to my complaints. Complaining to the NSW Premier’s Office also seems to be a waste of time.

Sending emails to QPRC councillors results in the majority of cases with absolutely no councillor replies. I recently asked all councillors if, should the new cinema complex cease business in the future and sell its business, will its approval to not have to pay for, or supply additional car parking pass to the new buyer. (One councillor gave a phone reply.)

At QPRC Queanbeyan meeting, 11 April 2018, the council was closed to the public for the last section of the meeting as the sale of some council property was being considered. As we had no forewarning, nor any idea about which properties were involved, no public comment was made, but the council could possibly then later state that the public had been given its chance to comment.

Questions to the Public Forum of the QPRC are sometimes sketchily answered, and sometimes seemingly ignored, yet the QPRC seems to want to further limit public questions to five. We will therefore in the future have even less chance of trying to get reasonable answers from the QPRC, especially on some of their expensive projects such as the $54.7 million new council administrative block, that with added $700,000 design fees and probably over $500,000 demolition costs will probably finally cost well over $60 million.

A very concerned QPRC ratepayer and NSW taxpayer.

— Sandra Young, Queanbeyan

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