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The press conference as blood sport

Naomi_Osaka-cr_ Zhukovsky_Dreamstime

YOUNG ATHLETES ARE expected to answer the most intimate questions in a cynical and often predatory environment.

On Monday night, after being fined and threatened with expulsion, Osaka quit the tournament altogether. Meanwhile her stance has been universally scorned by the print media, who as we know have traditionally been the best people to judge standards of behaviour. An “uppity princess”, one newspaper columnist wrote. Others have more soberly pointed out that for any athlete, facing the media is simply part of the job, and that by seceding from the process entirely Osaka is setting a “dangerous precedent”.

We’re not the good guys: Osaka shows up problems of press conferences. By Jonathan Liew, The Guardian.

IMAGE: Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka of Japan in action during her semifinal match at 2019 Australian Open in Melbourne Park. Zhukovsky / Dreamstime.

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