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The South Coast is burning: people evacuated, wildlife perishes


THE DEVASTATING CURROWAN bushfire threatening coastal communities and bush habitats north of Bateman’s Bay (see RFS map in the linked report) could threaten the Bay itself and areas further south. It is fanned by the strong, gusty and unpredictable winds that have hit this region in the past month.

While spring is always windy, these winds might qualify as an extreme weather event. Coupled with super dry conditions and low humidity, catastrophe has struck.  Some might call it a climate emergency. Certainly, a human, environmental and animal disaster and an omen.

RFS Deputy Incident Controller Ken Hall has told media that nothing bar rain will put this fire out. The Tallaganda bushfire in the greater Braidwood region of Queanbeyan-Palerang shire remains alight and a threat: it is also likely to keep burning in these conditions.

The District Bulletin appreciates the detailed coverage of the Currowan fire provided by aboutregional. Check that site for continued fire updates and stay safe wherever in the region you are.

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