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Those BLANKETY BLANK vegan terrorists


WE HAVE KNOWN all along that the National Party, both state and federal, supposedly the voice of all rural people, is no friend of animals, whether wildlife or domestic stock. The cruel live sheep and cattle export trade is among the party’s favoured programs, along with wide-scale killing of wildlife on behalf of graziers.

National Party representative for Monaro John Barilaro, egged on by federal agriculture minister David Littleproud, has gained widespread media attention by yelling in colourful language about “domestic terrorism”. Going nuclear gets attention, and Deputy Premier Barilaro has never shied from seeking attention. Look at me!

More seriously, the National Party and its Liberal colleagues in NSW succeeded in legislating massive fines and will seek jail terms for people investigating or protesting on farm or in abattoir animal husbandry practices long-judged inhumane.

CAPTION: Members of the Cube of Truth Vegan protest group in Guy Fawks masks and protesting about cruelty to animals. 8 Dec 2018, York, UK. Clare Jackson / Dreamstime. (Battery hens / Voiceless. Sow stalls / District Bulletin, Sept 2009,p15.)

Stoking trespass laws is the pathway. Property rights greatly outflank animal rights and in this society, animals are mere property. Eating meat and dairy products is apparently also a civic duty, with those who chose not to inviting public demonisation by politicians.

What’s behind closed doors?

Intensive operations such as battery/caged chicken farms, intensive piggeries — where sometimes sows are confined in stalls so narrow they cannot turn around, to give birth and suckle up to a dozen young, (destined for human consumption) — and some intensive dairy methods are amongst the protested activities. Nobody would be protesting if the inhumane practices were phased out.

Here are a couple of linked stories that explain what Barilaro and Littleproud have achieved in the name of Australian farming, even gaining international attention. It is noteworthy that neither of these stories include a balancing description of what the animals suffer: the incentive for the trespasses.

•  ‘Domestic terrorists’: NSW cracks down on animal rights activists  Source: SBS News
•  Animal rights activists designated ‘domestic terrorists’ in Australia  Source: The Independent

Whether it is criminalising investigations into off-shore asylum seeker situations, or it is suffering animals confined to radio silence while humans who seek to help them are criminalised — the best values of Australia are being betrayed. They are betrayed by the worst instincts of some people in high office in tandem with the profit motive of others who have the ear of governments.

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