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UPDATE: Member for Monaro Barilaro retracts call for PM to resign

Barilaro MP asks PM to resign

THE NSW OPPOSITION has been making the most of the uproar created by Deputy Premier and Member for Monaro John Barilaro, questioning his judgement, after Barilaro first called on Prime Minister Turnbull to resign before Christmas and, a week later, backflipping on that comment.

Barilaro reportedly told Sydney ABC radio that he went too far with his commentary on the PM and has retracted that statement. The Labor Opposition claims this is because The Deputy Premier’s leadership and judgment have been called into question by his own National Party.

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Mick Veitch said the Deputy Premier’s performance is becoming increasingly erratic, with his demand for the Prime Minister to resign being preceded by his call for the construction of nuclear power stations across NSW.

The Opposition also queried Barilaro’s credibility for having been a self-confessed solid Liberal voter before switching to run as a National in Monaro – that seat having traditionally been held by the National Party with a slim margin.


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