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Upgraded Tesla Battery Storage systems available

Consumer report

Residents in Queanbeyan Palerang interested in installing a battery storage system in their homes this year will be pleased to hear that the new updated Tesla Powerwall system will be available after March.

Battery storage system prices have been coming down steadily in recent years, and Tesla has been leading the curve on cost reductions. Its original Powerwall – which cost about $11,000 fully installed – quickly became the pricing reference point for battery storage system shoppers and industry players alike after its announcement in 2015.

New products flooded the market thereafter, and just as many of them were beginning to compete with Powerwall on price and value, the other shoe dropped and Tesla introduced Powerwall 2.

Tesla themselves estimate that a fully installed Powerwall 2 will come with a price tag roughly equivalent to the original (despite the substantial power-ups mentioned below); currently, the Tesla website estimates that a fully installed unit will cost about $10,500.

This works out to roughly $780/kWh of usable storage capacity – the lowest price points for lithium batteries of comparable quality now available in Australia.

In future issues the Bulletin will  look at consumer reports on a range of sustainable and renewable technologies including other players in the battery storage industry (and there are many).

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