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VOTE May 18 — Action on climate change has become an emergency


Voters say it is the top issue.

THIS FEDERAL ELECTION, the stakes are so high that in our view it’s beyond business as usual as people decide how to vote. And it’s definitely not about a leadership beauty contest, despite much media framing every campaign day.

Liking (or not) Bill Shorten or Scott Morrison or Richard di Natale won’t relieve the pressure on our planet. It’s not about leader personalities. Granted, intelligence, integrity and a spot of humour help. On that score Shorten comes into his own in live encounters like Monday nights ABC Q and A. But what should sell a political party aiming for government should be published POLICY and plans for action starting now (and compared to the last five years of going backward). Here we are talking about policy on the climate but the same goes for other policy arenas for ALL Australians.

The British Parliament has acknowledged we are now facing a climate emergency. Australia must think the same way for self-preservation and the country’s future, or the rest of the promises will eventually not matter either environmentally or economically.

Following is a feature on the Greens policies for climate action that they compare to Labor’s. Under Region, you will find an introduction to Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN) running for the Senate only.

These are the three parties in our voting region with concrete proposals for change that will make a difference. On the senate paper, the Animal Justice Party is also strong on climate action.

The Liberals and Nationals are not even in the ballpark with effective climate action policies. Also, why should we believe anything they say now? The Climate Council tells us the many times the federal Coalition has tried to lie and hide on this score.

Even more policy-less are the National’s and Liberal’s parties of preference: One Nation and Clive Palmer’s United Australia party. We suggest the voting options are fairly clear cut if we want action on climate change

— The Editor

Video-of-the-week: it’s their future

MAIN IMAGE: (and above video) At a 350.0rg event in Eurobodalla, Sam Fletcher and his youthful support singers tell us again why we need climate action, now. SOURCE:

Also on the home page under environment: is our second video-of-the-week.  Hear some words of sense from young Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who started a world-wide young people movement to startle complacent politicians into action on climate change.

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