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We’re back and we need your support


editorial-badgeHELLO! Web-content designer Sue Van Homrigh and I, and our Bulletin contributing writers, are back on deck.

Sue and I have been sampling how some other parts of the world do it. Short version (more later) — terrifying gridlock and traffic, (where can that end?) but nice sea mammal recovery: otters, seals, sea lions on the coast, in California. Hyper-enthusiast selfie-stickers photo-bombing the sedate Aussie tourist trying to take in a bit of history in Europe, reports Sue.

It’s nice to be home! Although they could keep this weather in Melbourne.

We are very grateful and pleased that our readers have been checking the Bulletin despite lack of action for 6 weeks. Now we are back with something like a two-weekly magazine turnover.

We know you are with us because we provide some unique coverage and story collections not so easily available elsewhere — focused on environment, animals, sustainable living, some local and state politics and progressive politics as well as the odd cultural story — plus interesting Around the Web offerings for wider story selection.

By the way, we’re always open to expanding our pool of contributors! If you are a writer with a story idea that fits our direction, talk to us.

Keeping the bastards honest and raising sticky issues especially when it comes to the natural world and our wildlife and ecosystems, beset as they are by greed and some bad post-colonial ideas — is getting harder in this country as elsewhere.

We’re up against maybe an endgame, still escalating, fight for profit and resources guiding the damage to the atmosphere and to essential biodiversity. For some media it’s more manageable to stay silent and look the other way. We won’t. We keep reporting as we see it in the public interest. And we want to turn even more to positives and solutions in the upcoming months.

So today we ask for your support to keep the Bulletin free and independent:  If you like what we do, please donate to the Bulletin today, with the easy button below. We need your help. Thanks in advance.

IMAGERY: Background (Omar Prestwich, Unsplash); selfie stick (Adam Birkett, Unsplash)

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