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Tornado: what a way to wake up

Tornado, maybe, hits Hoskinstown area

As wild storm cells dumped heavy rain accompanied by thunder and spectacular lightning displays across the region on the night of Saturday 30 January, some people living in Forbes Creek near Hoskinstown had a closer encounter.

It was reported that one couple woke in the middle of the night, noticed water dripping and then looked up startled to see that their roof was gone, shortly before bricks started falling on their bed as walls collapsed, one of several homes severely damaged in the area.

Gale force winds were recorded as a low-level tornado, or something similarly strong, hit the region. The ABC reported that Bungendore SES incident controller Peter Adrian said a strip of land in the area about 200 metres wide by about three kilometres was badly affected by the storm.

“It looks like a cyclonic-type wind went through there somewhere before midnight. There’s at least four houses with roof damage, or roofs actually lifted off them and internal walls collapsed,” he said.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesperson said it was unclear whether the damage was the result of strong microbursts of wind from the storm or a lower-end tornado. Weather watchers did note the little-known fact that tornado-type events are not uncommon in this part of southern NSW.

Photo from NSW SES Bungendore

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