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What fossil fuel? Morrison government sneak gas deal in SA

The work of Australia’s young people through the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) is highly appreciated here at the Bulletin. Here is a recent missive.

THE MORRISON GOVERNMENT has just signed a $1 BILLION energy deal in South Australia — trying to sneak in more public money for dirty gas by pretending it’ll help renewables. [1]

Scott Morrison literally said that funding gas is “responsible climate action.” Can you believe it?

We can see right through their attempts to hide the reality that gas is a fossil fuel. The Morrison Government’s plans to give millions of public dollars to gas corporations will lock in emissions for decades — meaning our communities will endure more and more devastating floods and fires like the ones we’ve already seen over the last year.

Let’s make sure they know they’re not fooling anyone.

Join young people right across the continent to make our demands for no public money for gas heard by our decision-makers. RSVP to an event in your community!

The Morrison Government plans to spend millions of public dollars in the May Federal Budget, expanding the climate-wrecking gas industry for years to come. [2]

The Budget should be a time for our Government to invest public money into supporting our communities, through things like massive renewable energy projects, public services, and supporting frontline communities to cope with the climate impacts they’re already facing.

By coming together across the continent, in cities, towns, and outside offices, we’ll send a clear and visible message that we don’t support their dirty gas plans. Our government will know that we’re paying attention, and we’re here to demand they put our future first.

We won’t let the Morrison Government get away with their dirty gas plans. Find a local action near you and help us to demand public money for public good — not gas! It’s outrageous that our Government thinks they can trick us into supporting their gas agenda, by pretending they’re taking “responsible climate action”. [1]

But together, we can use our collective power to call them out and stand up for our futures. Are you in?

* * *

[1] Scott Morrison signs 1bn energy deal to shore up energy reliability in South Australia, The Guardian, April 2021.

[2] Scott Morrison’s ‘gas-led’ recovery: what is it and will it really make energy cheaper?, The Guardian, September 2020.

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