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What is the point of the Nationals? Greens had twice the vote in Victoria: Shooters Party

[Ed note:  The Bulletin is interested in why the Shooters and Fishers and Farmers Party have fielded a candidate in Monaro.
Is every rural/regional voter considered a natural fit for these two parties? Are the Nationals going soft and giving in to the city? How many races are the Shooters contesting?  Here’s the voice of the Shooters upper house elected representative starting the conversation.]

dear-editor-icon-nov2018WITH THE VICTORIAN election now run and done, and a convincing win handed down to the Labor party, it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on this outcome and the importance of the upcoming NSW state election.

Perhaps the starkest result was seeing the Nationals primary vote sitting at around 5.4 percent and that of the Greens at 9.8 percent. At close to half the vote of the Greens, the question needs to be asked of the ongoing relevance of the National Party.

Who is going to represent conservative, rural and regional Australians?

At the behest of their Liberal masters, the Nationals are trying to win the interest of people who won’t vote for them anyway and are treating rural and regional Australians with contempt.

In my role as the representative of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in the NSW Legislative Council, I have been working hard to establish our party as the credible voice of rural and regional Australia.

This has always been a foundational principle of the party, but we were once focused on doing this through the Legislative Council only. Our role in vetoing legislation has been a deeply satisfying. But we now have an opportunity to achieve even greater outcomes for rural and regional Australians.

We’ve been working hard to broaden our policy platform and increasingly we find ourselves being called upon to represent the many unheard voices of Australians who are getting the raw end of some Greens-inspired policy or overreach of Government.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party is fielding candidates in as many as 25 electorates in the 2019 NSW state election. The quality of our candidates is unrivalled. We don’t have any career politicians, our candidates are hardworking, local people with strong community values and will fight doggedly for their electorates.

NSW needs a serious alternative to the failing platform of the Nationals.

Robert Borsak

Robert Borsak is one of two representatives of the Shooters, Fishers and
Farmers Party in the NSW Legislative Council. 


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