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‘Whispering Earth’, Jo Victoria at Suki and Hugh Gallery in October

Fossils, weathered stone, broken shell, archaeological stratifications and landscape scars all carry evidence of life and natural forces over time.  Flattened grasses on worn paths, windblown leaves and scattered sticks are more recent manifestations of interactions between people and nature.

Canberra based ceramic artist Jo Victoria has drawn together her two academic disciplines, anthropology and fine art to present an exhibition of raw ceramic artistry in her new solo show ‘Whispering Earthopening at Suki & Hugh Gallery on 7 October, 2017, 3-5 pm

Taking inspiration from many years working in and interpreting cultural landscapes, Jo has taken natural materials and mixed them with porcelain slip.  When the organic matter burns out during the firing process, the results are beautifully strange and delicate works resembling weathered white animal bones or fossils.

”I’m looking for evidence of the past where the earth has been touched and changed.  It is like looking for life itself, for a life force” – Jo Victoria

Sometimes, in the stillness, the past seems to be omnipresent and the ground becomes alive with stories. It’s like the earth is whispering.

Jo Victoria has a Master Degree in Visual Arts (Ceramics) from the School of Art, ANU and has exhibited widely in Canberra.

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